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Advanced Algebra II: Activities and Homework

Advanced Algebra II: Activities and Homework

Advanced Algebra II: Activities and Homework

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Publisher:Rice University
Pages:302 pages
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Over a period of time, I have developed a set of in-class assignments, homeworks, and lesson plans, that work for me and for other people who have tried them. The complete set comprises three separate books that work together:

  • The Homework and Activities Book contains in-class and homework assignments that are given to the students day-by-day.
  • The Concepts Book provides conceptual explanations, and is intended as a reference or review guide for students; it is not used when teaching the class.
  • The Teacher's Guide provides lesson plans; it is your guide to how I envisioned these materials being used when I created them (and how I use them myself).

Instructors should note that this book probably contains more information than you will be able to cover in a single school year. I myself do not teach from every chapter in my own classes, but have chosen to include these additional materials to assist you in meeting your own needs. As you will likely need to cut some sections from the book, I strongly recommend that you spend time early on to determine which modules are most important for your state requirements and personal teaching style.

One more warning is important: these materials were designed for an Advanced Algebra II course. For such a course, I hope this will provide you with ready-to-use textbook and lesson plans. If you are teaching a Standard or Remedial-level course, these materials will still be useful, but you will probably have to cut or reduce some of the most conceptual material, and supplement it with more drill-and-practice than I provide.

The following table of contents provides a list of topics covered in this course with links to each module. You can use these links to move between the books or to jump ahead to any topic.



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