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Better Learning in Games

Better Learning in Games

Better Learning in Games

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Publisher:Learning Games Network
Pages:29 pages
Size:7.66 MB
License:Pending review


This is a guide to inform next generation learning game designs. It is an introduction to the core approaches used by many learning game designers, including the Learning Games Network and The Education Arcade at MIT.

The aim of this guide is not to impose a new game development method—but rather to present a learning design approach to be integrated with current best practices in game design. Based on the fundamental structures of Evidence-Centered Design (ECD), we explore a design lens known as Balanced Design. The emphasis of this framework is not for building assessments into games but rather helping game designers to better align the learning goals with game mechanics to produce more deeply engaging and effective learning game experiences.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive overview of ECD or assessment-based game design, but rather an introduction to an ECD modified framework—intended to help all levels of learning game designers become familiar with a more robust model of learning game design and a powerful tool for creating the next generation of learning games. As an introduction, this guide offers the basic framework along with tools and supports for getting started. Included are several case studies that describe how this framework has been used, and begin to illuminate the further directions you can go with such a framework. Subsequent guides and papers will go into further detail on the game design models by the organizations presented here.



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