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Empowerment, Feedback, Gamification: Once Upon a Time in Retail

Empowerment, Feedback, Gamification: Once Upon a Time in Retail

Empowerment, Feedback, Gamification: Once Upon a Time in Retail

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Publisher:Making Weconomy
Pages:38 pages
Size:2.38 MB
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Once upon a time, was there retail? Or - also through key-words like Empowerment, Feedback, and Gamification - is retail still with us, and will it be in the future? Logotel presents this Magazine on the occasion of the event "ReSeT - Retail Service Transformation": an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the new collaborative experiences that the retail world of the future can build for and with its customers.

Physical and digital shelves filled with products; countless models of cars; an unlimited television offer; and, on the internet, music, games, shoes, and videos; all kinds of services round the clock. The Customer turns not only the “what to buy”, but also the “how and where” into a project; a project to manage on one hand the loss of wealth and on the other, the excessive choice, to manage their time, to manage the regret of making a wrong choice and to find the lowest price.

Customers are starting to go outside their comfort zones, and are becoming stronger as a result (EMPOWERMENT), as they re-calibrate their lifestyle model; they creatively change their point of view, the intensity, frequency and mode of purchase/access (at the Point of Sale, from their cell phone, in a social network etc.), they became a producer, distributor, and even competitor... They are changing, in short, their habits: those that make us change our own position. We have never needed so urgently to ask ourselves: why and how will the customer buy tomorrow and carry on buying from us? What will we exchange with him? How will we collaborate?



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