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Innovative Uses of Matrices

Innovative Uses of Matrices

Innovative Uses of Matrices

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Publisher:Educational Publisher Inc.
Pages:229 pages
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In this book authors bring out the innovative applications of matrices defined, described and developed by them. Here they do not include the natural product on matrices newly described and defined by them in the book on ‘natural product ×n on matrices’.

This book is organized into seven chapters. The first one is introductory in nature. In the second chapter authors give the unique and new way of analyzing the data which is time dependent. We construct three types of matrices called Average Time Dependent data matrix (ATD matrix), Refined Time Dependent Data matrix (RTD matrix) and Combined Effective Time Dependent Data matrix (CETD matrix). The authors describe the working of this new type of matrix model by working with the real world transportation problem. It is proved this new model is effective and elegant. At this juncture the authors deeply acknowledge the unostentatious help rendered by Dr. Mandalam.

In chapter three the authors for the first time define the new concept of matrices with linguistic variables. These linguistic matrices are used in the place of fuzzy matrices which serve as the dynamical system for FCM and FRM models. By this method the solution themselves are linguistic terms so mathematical interpretation is not needed.

In chapter four authors have used super matrices in the following ways. They are used in super fuzzy models like super FCMs, super FRMs super FAMs etc. Super linear algebra using these super matrices pave way to super eigen values and super eigen vectors, infact in almost all applications of matrices in linear algebra. The special mention is made to the Leontief open production super model and closed super model. By this method easy comparison and bulk working is possible.

We have also used super matrices with entries from finite fields in the construction of several types of super codes.



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