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Suggest a Book

If you are an author or if you just know a book that should be part of this free library, fill out the form below so it can be added as soon as possible.

The requirements that must be fulfilled are the following:

  • The entire book should be under any license recognised as free: Creative Commons, LGPL or the like. For a complete list of allowed licenses, visit this link.
  • The book format must be PDF or the like as long as it takes a single file (DOC, RTF, etc...) to maintain a standard of compatibility and consistency with the rest. We do not allow books in HTML formats composed of multiple pages, eBooks format (EPUB) or images collections (slide shows)
  • For consistency with the current topics of the project and to avoid ideological disputes, we do not accept self-help or religions books.
  • The books or documents must match with updated content and topics, except for special cases of historical interest. Suggest a document from 1969 about computational theory may be interesting for its historical character, however, a user manual for a software like Lotus 1-2-3, Office 2000 or Windows XP is not because they are obsolete.
  • There is the possibility to add books under standard copyright license as long as we have explicit permission from the author. This authorisation must reach with the book and it implies the approval for its redistribution through OpenLibra.
  • The size limit to upload a file is 6 MB. If you need more space and the book is not on-line, please tell us in the comments section and we will contact you to find an alternative.