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Computing in C ++.  An introduction to C

Computing in C ++. An introduction to C

Computing in C ++. An introduction to C

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This course will give an intro duction to the programming language C. It runs in the autumn term and is addressed to students with no or little programming e xp erience in C. Attending this course will enable you to write simple C/C ++ programs and complete possible practical assignments of other courses that run alongside this course. In this term, there will be no separate coursework assignments for the course “Computing in C ++”.

The course will be followed in the second term by an introduction to Object Oriented Programming in C ++. That is why from the start, we will be using a C ++ compiler, even though the programs are really written in C or at least in “C-like C ++”. Concepts that are unique to C ++ and do not form part of the C programming language will be marked with a footnote like this (∗). This will help you adapt your code to a C compiler, if you ever have to.

Throughout this script, new concepts and ideas will be illustrated with easy to understand example programs. These examples can be compiled as they are and, if your pdf-viewer allows you to, you can

even copy and paste the code into your editor without having to type it in yourself. These lecture notes are organised as follows. Chapter 1 gives a short overview over the main techniques and features of C and is designed to enable you to start programming straight away. The remaining chapters will then cover each topic in more detail.



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