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Design: (RE) Shaping Business

Design: (RE) Shaping Business

Design: (RE) Shaping Business

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By now, in today’s scenario of unpredictable causeand-effect links between increasingly hybrid economic systems on a global scale, we should have all become aware of how value is volatile; of how market’s disintermediation is reducing the value itself; of how the competition has turned the offer into a commodity, with a progressive loss of price and, therefore, of value; and of how customer’s hybridization in choosing what and especially how and where to access to a product / service (via digitalization) has moved the value away, or simply that what we considered as “value” is not recognized as such anymore... And so on, and so on.

We have seen on our last issue of “Making Weconomy” how companies should be more “Auto, Beta and Co”; they must also re-start to design value and to invest in true innovation. Innovation as a means (not as an end), in order to return to imagine and offer products, services and opportunities for value, emphasizing enterprise’s collective intelligence and its business ecosystem (supply chain - industry).Because without the “WE-factor” it’s hard to think about a possible recombination of the “value chain”.

This is the reason why we want to talk about the letter “D for Design” in this issue as one of the emerging words in the vocabulary of future companies, in order to “re-shape our business”. Designers have capabilities that are truly precious for today’s management. Designers use the project as the scope of their action. They build the future together with other people. Designers imagine, train their “Vision”, shape “possible futures” consistent with the enterprises and the market. Every designer’s proposals are inspired by the needs of people in real contexts and by their dreams, those same needs that people have perceived themselves but are not able yet to express, because they don’t have the right tools and they use old mind maps.



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