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Organic Creativity and the Physics Within

Organic Creativity and the Physics Within

Organic Creativity and the Physics Within

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Though the ages, philosophers, scientists, dreamers, and children alike, have pondered the mystery of origins. Where do we come from? What are the origins of existence, our world, life, people, mind, and ideas themselves? We also wonder: Just what is the origin of origins? How do new things come into existence at all? Are humans the center of all creativity – the sole purveyors of creativity in the universe? Or are we merely a special case of the creativity that is at play throughout the cosmos? Beyond mere philosophy, understanding of creativity may have practical implications. If we can understand creativity, we may boost human ingenuity. We could teach great creativity in our schools, and foster improved cultures of creativity in science, business, politics, and so on. We could apply civilization’s enhanced creativity to the wicked problems that afflict us – problems which require those extraordinary breakthroughs that only extraordinary creativity may provide.

To wrestle with these questions in a new, creative way, the Lorentz Workshop on Creativity (Lowcre) of 2011 brought together thought leaders as well as students to form an interdisciplinary team of physicists, psychologists, artists, historians, industrial designers, computer scientists, and others in a week of lectures and exercises intended to generate creative breakthroughs on the questions of creativity. Th participants found themselves by turns illuminated by scintillating perspectives, and frustrated by differences in belief; warmed by shared purpose, but disoriented by widely differing jargon about creativity. However, through the week’s immersive experiences which engendered trust and collaboration, the differing languages were translated, disparate perspectives were brought into closer alignment, and a holistic perspective on creativity began to emerge.



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