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Pro GIT, 2nd Edition

Pro GIT, 2nd Edition


Pro GIT, 2nd Edition


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Welcome to the second edition of Pro Git. The first edition was published over four years ago now. Since then a lot has changed and yet many important things have not. While most of the core commands and concepts are still valid today as the Git core team is pretty fantastic at keeping things backward compatible, there have been some significant additions and changes in the community surrounding Git. The second edition of this book is meant to address those changes and update the book so it can be more helpful to the new user.

When I wrote the first edition, Git was still a relatively di ficult to use and barely adopted tool for the harder core hacker. It was starting to gain steam in certain communities, but had not reached anywhere near the ubiquity it has today. Since then, nearly every open source community has adopted it. Git has made incredible progress on Windows, in the explosion of graphical user interfaces to it for all platforms, in IDE support and in business use. The Pro Git of four years ago knows about none of that. One of the main aims of this new edition is to touch on all of those new frontiers in the Git community.

The Open Source community using Git has also exploded. When I originally sat down to write the book nearly five years ago (it took me a while to get the first version out), I had just started working at a very little known company developing a Git hosting website called GitHub. At the time of publishing there were maybe a few thousand people using the site and just four of us working on it. As I write this introduction, GitHub is announcing our 10 millionth hosted project, with nearly 5 million registered developer accounts and over 230 employees. Love it or hate it, GitHub has heavily changed large swaths of the Open Source community in a way that was barely conceivable when I sat down to write the first edition.

Scott Chacon (Book's author)



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